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//About us

About us


Prof. dr hab. Henryk Runowski - Head of the Project

Dr inż. Sebastian Jarzębowski - Assistant head project for substantive matters

mgr Piotr Skiba - Innovation support specialist

Contact us:

Agri Innovation Cluster

Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych SGGW w Warszawie

ul. Nowoursynowska 166

02-787 Warszawa
Tel: 0048 (22) 593 42 54

e-mail: klaster@sggw.pl


About the project

“Cluster of Innovation in Agribusiness”, established by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW has been created as a part of the Regional Operational Programme of Mazovia Province 2007-2013 (Priority I - Creating conditions for development of innovation potential and entrepreneurship in Mazovia, Measure 1.6. Promoting cooperative relations of regional significance). The main focus of the cluster is to transfer the knowledge into business (science to business-S2B), increase the efficiency of technology and knowledge transfer between participants in the cluster, and consequently increase the innovative potential of the Mazovia region.

The subject of this project is to create corporate relations for regional functioning within the broader field of Agribusiness. Initiation of cooperation within the cluster aims to create an effective tool for policy development, raising levels of innovation and competitiveness of enterprises in Mazovia. At the beginning, the project will join the University (WULS), which ensure the specialized knowledge, two organizations of Agribusiness sector and seven companies. It is planned to enhance the number of participants by other companies operating in Agribusiness sector in Mazovia Province.

As a result of the project, the internet platform for Innovation in Agribusiness will be created, in order to provide information, establish cooperation linkages and implement joint innovative initiatives.

Five innovative services will be available on the Platform. Access to the Platform will be free of charge for Cluster’s businessmen.

Additionally, the Cluster will provide the consultancy services for Agribusiness sector in Mazovia Province.

Contact for stakeholders:

Cluster of Innovation in Agribusiness

Faculty of Economic Sciences WULS in Warsaw

ul. Nowoursynowska 166

02-787 Warsaw
Tel: 0048 (22)5934253, 0048 (22)5934254

e-mail: klaster@sggw.pl




Services will be provided within the framework of two modules:


1. Food Safety:

- Supply Chain Management (Traceability, Workflow Management) –online Platform to supply chain management.

- Online consultancy services in the field of quality management (Quality Management, Food Safety, Hygiene, Food Law, International Transport Law/ Logistics/ Packaging / Labelling Regulations).

2. Food Professional:

- E-learning (Defined Trainings) –online trainings service. On the E-learning Platform will be available a set of trainings in the field of Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Food Safety, Hygiene, Food Law, International Transport Law/ Logistics/ Packaging / Food Labelling Regulations etc..

– Meeting of initiators and investors (an ideas exchange) - a service which enables to exchange information and gain investors to jointly execute  projects. On the Platform the participants of the Cluster andentities which provide funds will make their projects and ideas available and will seek necessary funds.

– Working group (projects groups which take specific actions in particular projects) - service enables participants' of Cluster to jointly organize the work. Creating of groups which will jointly execute a project online. 

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