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This year's 7th edition of the Food Safety Congress under the slogan "Future of Food" will take place on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020. As part of the event there will be a conference including parti... (read more)

Verification of standards for cluster management

On October 30th, 2015 at the headquarters of the Agri Innovation Cluster in Warsaw, a meeting was held within the project concerning stocktaking of clusters in Poland - 2015.The meeting was attended b... (read more)

Not only clusters. Cooperation or competition?

Fate of Polish clusters and - widely - other forms of cooperation of Polish companies in the context of the new rules for EU funding. This is the main topic of debate "Not only clusters. Cooperation o... (read more)

Food safety - challenge of XXI century

- Today in the world live approx. 7 billion people. For 35 years in 2050, the world will we have approx. 9 billion. This means that 30 per cent will come. people to feed the world. Therefore, the prob... (read more)

VII European Economic Congress

On 20-22 April 2015 in Katowice will be held VII European Economic Congress (EEC). The Congress is a three-day series of debates, meetings and accompanying events with the participation of six thousan... (read more)

VI Forum of Mazovia Development

On 7-8 October 2015 at the National Stadium in Warsaw held another, VI edition of the Forum for Development of Mazovia. This year's edition was devoted to the wider innovation. Among the exhibitors an... (read more)